Day 3: In my dreams

The one thing I can say about creativity is that the ideas can come to you at any time in a variety of ways.

This time, Day 3 came in my dreams.

Well, actually I think it was during my REM cycle right before I fell into that deep sleep that takes something like an earthquake, load blaring sirens or the phone ringing to wake up and jump five feet into the air.

Anyway, I think this project has unlocked my creative juices.

It’s sad when you’re trying to drift off to that wonderfully peaceful sleep state where nothing matters and your mind won’t stop spewing ideas at 190 miles per hour.

However, I’m probably not the only artist or designer that this has happened to. Most of us have creative ideas stuck in our head and sometimes can’t get them out until it’s at a point where we give up and decide to sleep. I hate when that happens because at that point I want to jump out of bed, run down the hall to the office and start designing, but I’m just too lazy to even open my eyes let alone get out of my nice warm bed.

Anyway, I told you there is no plan for this challenge.

I’m using Illustrator and whatever idea pops into my head that day to create a 4 x 6 Thank You card design for 365 days.

So far the ideas are coming. Unfortunately, I dread the day when the ideas stop and I’m sitting in front of a blank art board trying to create an image in under two hours. There will probably be some very long posts about it, but it is part of the creative process to keep it moving. Like I said, I’ve never given myself a challenge before. This is a first, and probably, a last time. Unless I get a really great idea that I must create.

Here is Day 3, and no, it was not inspired by the Wonder Bread packaging. Nice try, but I don’t eat Wonder Bread.

01.03.14 Inspired in my sleep © 2014 Stacy Schilling

01.03.14 Inspired in my dreams
© 2014 Stacy Schilling


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