Day 6: It’s all about the fonts

I love typography.

Typography is one of the most unappreciated design styles that isn’t used enough. It can also go horrible wrong for many designers, especially newbies that don’t design outside of using Arial, Helvetica or Parisian. There is so much a designer can create using just typography and color in their designs for themselves and client projects.

Yes, a picture is worth a 1,000 words, but if your design budget cannot afford professional photography work, then typography design is a great solution.

Unfortunately, many non-designers feel that they are designers and try to dictate what is considered good design to their professional designers that have more education, experience and knowledge about what is considered good design. That’s why the design industry evolved!

Designers are problem solvers in every aspect of a project that usually begins with branding. And it should be left up to the designer’s discretion and of course, the client’s budget, what the right design style is for a piece based on the client’s target audience and so much more.

Typography design is more than just picking a font and slapping it onto a blank canvas. It’s a matter of choosing the right fonts for the right project, and then knowing the rules and how to break them, successfully.

I’m probably one of the few designers that love typography and can pull it off in a design layout in the right manner since I also have a Journalism degree.

Yeah, I know when and how I can break a sentence or paragraph in a design using typography successfully.

Am I better than other designers with more experience than me?

Of course not, I look at those designers as my mentors and inspiration to become a better designer. Every designer has their own style, and I’m seeking to see if there’s another style that I haven’t tried that will make be better designer – hence the reason for this blog.

Today’s design is only a small part of my typography design style.

BTW…can you name at least 10 fonts that I used in today’s design?

01.06.14 Inspired by Typography
© 2014 Stacy Schilling


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