Day 12: Inspiration for color can be found everywhere, including the bathroom

The first plan of action when I moved into my home after my brother moved out was to redo the whole bathroom because it really needed a makeover.

I’m not going to describe what the bathroom used to look like, but it’s been redesigned to fit my standards until I move out.

My bathroom walls are painted a light teal-blue color, the countertop is a tan/gold with brown speckles, the floor is a medium brown with curves of dark brown mixed in, and the cabinet is a dark chocolate brown. The color combo feels modern and gender neutral.

There’s something really cool, modern, clean, contemporary and just right about a light blue-dark brown color palate. I love how the dark brown plays well with the light blue because both colors pop against each other, and neither get lost when paired together like red and navy blue.

I also forgot to mention previously that I have an attraction to stripes. I don’t know what is it about a striped pattern, but I’m drawn to it. Maybe because it can be a bold, graphic print, and those are patterns I’m attracted to. Stripes stand out as opposed to a solid color. Stripes can also be turned into other patterns, like plaid.

Today’s design encompasses my love of stripes, a mix of another pattern, colors that inspire me from my bathroom, and a hint of retro design thrown in.

01.12.14  Inspired by the colors in my bathroom © 2014 Stacy Schilling

01.12.14 Inspired by the colors in my bathroom
© 2014 Stacy Schilling



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