Day 14: I think I watch too much T.V.

I’m by no means a couch potato, but I do have some favorite T.V. shows and Cake Boss on TLC is one of my favorite shows. Come on, I did meet, get my picture taken and an autograph of Buddy Valastro himself. So, I’m a fan of the show.

Anyhow, Buddy loves to challenge himself and his staff with these big, animated cakes for his clients. His motto is “go big or go home, Hoboken style,” and he’s pulled off some amazing cakes. But Buddy is an Italian baker that loves an old school decorating style that isn’t done often, piping. Basically, he takes a pastry bag filled with royal icing, sits down in front of the cake, gets in the “zone” and starts piping until a design forms. In art that’s called line art.

So after watching an episode where he pipes a lace pattern based off a bride’s wedding dress, I go the idea to try piping in my own way – with Illustrator.

Now I normally don’t create scroll designs in my work, so this was a new challenge for me. This whole process is experimental for me and learning how I can be a better designer.

I’m also hoping new clients will like my work so much that they either want to buy a design for me to print Thank you cards for them, or, they want to hire me for a design project (hint, hint – I’m available to take on new projects.).

01.14.14 Inspired by lace patterns, scroll and piping on Cake Boss © 2014 Stacy Schilling

01.14.14 Inspired by lace patterns, scroll and piping on Cake Boss
© 2014 Stacy Schilling


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