Day 251: Remember the past, move forward to the future

Today marks the 13th anniversary of an event that changed many American lives.

It was 13 years ago on this day that the World Trade Centers located in Manhattan, New York were destroyed with two planes carrying flight crews, passengers, and hijackers that deliberately crashed each plane into the World Trade Center buildings.

Life in New York was turned upside down, and so was the rest of America.

Millions watched from television screens and computer monitors how life in this country changed within a matter of minutes. Ask any American where they were that day, and they will be able to recall every detail.

On that day, I was working as an Website Design intern at my college campus, Northern Kentucky University, and I was in the middle of designing a new layout for the website when one of my co-workers just caught what happened online. We quickly turned on the T.V. to the news and watched in shock the second plane crash directly into the second World Tower. I was stunned. Everything seemed so surreal. It was like I was in a dream, but it wasn’t a dream. Unfortunately, it was reality. A very sad reality that day because over 3,000 American lives were lost on planes, in the towers when they were struck, and from suicides by jumping out of the buildings to escape fire and further harm. Mothers pregnant with unborn children lost fathers they would never know except through pictures and family stories.

Life today 13 years was devastating, and many people still cannot forgive or forget.

So, today’s card has two inspirations: 1. I was initially inspired by a logos, and 2. September 11. The September 11 reference didn’t even factor in until after I put the card together and felt that it was missing something. Then I realized, after looking at my calendar, that it was September 11 and thought I should add some reference to it. So, I added two gray rectangles that represent the two World Trade Center towers that were lost on that day. I didn’t want to add any details of the disater because if someone who lost a family member in that tragedy saw the image, I didn’t want them to break down in tears. Then I realized that the two buildings looked like the number ’11’, and then added a number ‘9’ between the two very faintly so it could be seen without been seen. To represent the lives that were lost that day, I drew a simple black line.

To everyone that lost a loved one today when that horrible tragedy took place, my condolences to you on your loss and I hope you have found peace.

Graphic Designer & Production Artist "From idea to page – flawless digital/print design & production."

Graphic Designer & Production Artist
“From idea to page – flawless digital/print design & production.”

09.11.14 Inspired by logos and Sept. 11 © 2014 Stacy Schilling

09.11.14 Inspired by logos and Sept. 11
© 2014 Stacy Schilling


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